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Meet the Lead Pastor

Meet Pastor Ben Oyebanji

Meet Pastor Ben Oyebanji

Ben Oyebanji is a dynamic teacher, preacher and conference speaker with a passion for the word. He is the Lead Pastor of Revival Chapel, a youth-driven assembly of Christ Apostolic Church and the host of Singles & Married Summit – an annual national conference in the heart of Lagos.

Ben is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, (NBA) Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), the Nigerian Institute of Management, and also a member of the Institute of Strategic Management. Author of many books including his recent buster – OVERTAKE YOURSELF.

Since the inception of Revival Chapel in 1997, Pastor Ben has been serving under the tutelage of His leader and spiritual father – Pastor John Olufemi Oyebanji.

Books by Ben Oyebanji

By the special grace of God upon the life of Ben Oyebanji, he has authored series of life impacting books for personal development, family and marriage, church growth and development and other books to help men, women old or young to fulfil God's divine purpose over there lives.


Initiate - Innovate - Overtake
One truth that is not hidden from all is the fact that success arena either in career, relationship, business or life in general is not only wide but also wild.

This book will help you to rather overtake yourself as the healthiest way of breaking new grounds and records without having someone to compete with in the wide and wild arena of success.


A time comes in a man's life when he will take stock of how well he has lived his life and how much he has achieved.
Often times, the center point of this assessment hinges on the man's marital. A wrong marital move will surely leave a man in a devastating mid-life crisis.
The insights in this book to the reader become the navigator in the journey towards marriage.


In this book, Walking without Crutches, Ben brilliantly challenge those who plans to go through life, under "life support" to carefully switch of the oxygen pump and start breathing normally and become a support to others, too.


This book will teach you how to:
  • Discover your life blueprint
  • Overcome fear and barriers in making your life moves
  • Identify symptoms that makes your next life move a must
  • Courageously make the first steps in in achieving your life vision
  • Draw God's invisible power to accomplish your move.


Practical Steps to 99.9% Near Perfection Love and Marriage Life