CAC Revival Chapel

About Us


Christ Apostolic Church Revival Chapel is a gathering of special people where you enjoy a lifetime of Warmth, Worship and the Word. You are about discovering the exciting ministry of our Church. We believe the life-giving and impacting experience will remain with you eternally.


Our Mission

We are mandated to raise people with all-around success stories without breaking the rule. With our potent tool and heritage of the word and prayer, you are on a journey of becoming a member of a family to whom the move of God has become habitual. Simply put, you would be raised to be in charge of your life.

Where Do You Belong?

In order to fufill our mission, take you through stages of self discovery in Christ Jesus that helps you find your place among the brethren.
And with time you join any of our fellowship and ministries to further help you grow and yield seeds that abides.
Champion Men

Champion Men

A passionate group of God’s image not satisfied just being male but walking the path of becoming real men through consistent devotion and dedication to God’s standard of what a total man should be.
The Winning Women

The Winning Women

They are Women of destiny who strongly believe in the home institution as the bedrock of any society. So the fellowship is committed to caring for one another and raising ideal Christian homes.
The Blazing Youth

The Blazing Youth

A group of the most excited young individuals, married or single, the fellowship will provide you with a unique opportunity to share experiences, the joy of accomplishment and the strength to attain greater heights.