CAC Revival Chapel

Singles & Married Summit (SMS)

The SMS Vision

Singles and Married Summit is a vision given by God to serve as a plaform for both singles and married to learn about God’s plan and purposes for marriage. It also creates an atmosphere where  relationship and marital wounds are healed by God’s spoken word. The platform since 2009 has consistently provided spiritual insights, relief, and direction to numerous participants.

Since its inception, this pla6orm has been unwavering in its commitment to offering spiritual guidance, solace, and guidance to countless participants. It remains a steadfast beacon of hope and enlightenment, bringing God’s wisdom and blessings into the lives of those seeking to understand and strengthen the sacred bond of marriage. Through the Singles and Married Summit, hearts are opened, souls are healed, and lives are transformed by the
divine grace that flows abundantly, reaffirming the sanctity and purpose of marriage in the eyes of God.

Happening Next Month

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm CAC Revival Chapel, 5 Jibowu Estate Road, U-turn, Abule Egba, Lagos


Revealing the challenges of overcoming the quest for a greener pasture and its effects on marriage. Topics that focuses on how to overcome this challenges in order to fulfill God's given mandate of procreations within the confinement of His commandments.